Mike Heard Joins PAT as Senior Solutions Architect for ANZ

Professional Audio and Television recently announced the appointment of Mike Heard as Senior Solutions Architect for ANZ. Based in Auckland, Heard will bridge the gap between engineering and sales for the company as Senior Solutions Architect, while also being involved in project management and of course guiding the company’s technology decisions. Heard, who has delivered cutting edge projects and solutions throughout his 25 year career in broadcast – has been instrumental in delivering one of the largest ST2110 projects in New Zealand.

Professional Audio and Television has been at the forefront of supplying future proofed SMPTE2110 solutions to the Australian and New Zealand broadcast markets. With brands such as LAWO, ARISTA, NIXER PRO AUDIO, Densitron IDS, RTW, MobileViewpoint, CyanView, Boland, ENCO, Qbit, DreamChip, DSA Volgmann, Angry Audio, StudioHub, NVIDIA and Meinberg, PAT is synonymous with sound advice and visionary technology.

Managing Director Patrick Salloch is excited about the new appointment, saying, “I have worked with Mike for years and know him as a dedicated and exceptional individual, who can take a concept and turn it into reality while engaging stakeholders and leading project teams to achieve the desired outcome and deliver state of the art projects. Mike will add exceptional value to the PAT team and I am looking forward to working with him throughout Australia and New Zealand.”

Mike Heard is ready for his new challenge: “…over the past 25 years I have worked as a radio announcer, scheduled music on small regional stations, MC’ed tiny community events through to large music festivals. I have designed, built and led technology teams to deliver amazing pieces of work, which I am very proud of… now it is time for me to jump the fence, and become the supplier, the systems integrator and to use the knowledge I have gained across the board to support PAT’s clients, to realise their projects to the same high standard I have always strived for.”

When asked why he is making the move from client to supplier, Heard answered: “I have worked with the PAT team for a number of years now, and know them as an incredibly skilled group of technical staff with amazing administration behind them. They are passionate about what they do, represent some of the biggest global brands in broadcast, enjoy a good laugh, have fun while they work and fight hard to be the best. New Zealand is a growing market and Kiwis deserve a bit of that PAT love, on the ground in Aotearoa. I am very much looking forward to evolving with the NZ and Australian media sector as we expand into more IP and Cloud based technologies – it is a very exciting time to be alive in our industry!”