In September of 2013, sonoVTS was founded by the merger of VTS Studiotechnik GmbH and sono Studiotechnik GmbH. Two companies with more than 30 years of experience in all areas of the broadcasting market were merged into one venture. sonoVTS offers service & consulting, system design & system integration, equipment rental & operation and the distribution of professional broadcast products. sonoVTS is also the manufacturer of their newest HDQLINE broadcast displays.

Today, sonoVTS is one of the world leading broadcast monitor manufacturers. With their HQ located in Munich, Germany, the company manufacturers the hd2Line and HDQLINE series of broadcast monitors. HDQLINE represents the latest generation of multi standard broadcast displays, based on a new custom developed video and audio processing platform utilizing state-of-the-art silicon in combination with the most precise LC display technology available today. hd2Line Pro stands for the proven well-known generation of multi standard HDTV Broadcast Monitors, utilising high quality video and audio processing hardware combined with state of the art LC display technology.

sonoVTS is one of the first companies in the world to produce monitors which can natively receive SMPTE 2022-6 or SMPTE 2110. All sonoVTS monitors can also ‘speak’ EMBER+ which means that they can seamlessly be integrated into a VSM environment. 

PAT is the exclusive sonoVTS distributor for Australia and New Zealand, so whether it be for a UHD post production monitor, high quality reference monitor or an entire monitor wall, sonoVTS monitors – only the best will do! For an obligation free demo please contact the PAT team.